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"This is a story about a boy who obtained wings. He looked back the path that he had taken, while staring at those wings in his hands and determined to move forward to find an exciting future. He explore a new world, wearing the wings namely PLUS TSUBASA."

+TSUBASA is a Tokyo-based sneakers brand. TSUBASA is a Japanese word that means WINGS. PLUS TSUBASA is a brand that boosts your self-confidence, by putting on our “wings” to you. If you take a step forward to realise your thoughts, you'll find a world you've never seen before. PLUS TSUBASA will take you a new world.

Multiple materials such as leather, neoprene, reflectors, and sustainable PU and fabrics are used for PLUS TSUBASA sneakers. Designs are influenced by Japanese culture, manga, and chaotic streets of Tokyo.Those images combine with complex patterns represent the world of +TSUBASA. +TSUBASA consists of contrastive lines of two, colored line and monochrome line that express the feeling when you start to try new things.



ある少年が翼を手に入れたことをきっかけに自分と向き合い前へと進む物語。未来への期待とときめきは物語を超えて“プラスツバサ “となり、君の手の中に。










     Designer Manabu Sato, has been involved in direction of shoe design
     and development for several famous multi-brand shops in Japan. 
     After 17 years of those experiences, he started his own brand +TSUBASA in 2019. 
デザイナー  佐藤 学
     2019年SSより自身のブランド、「プラスツバサ 」をスタートしました。