Materials / 素材





PLUS TSUBASA sneakers are mainly made of leather, fabrics, and PU.
・We use leather from factories that make ecological efforts to recycle leather waste and purify the water used for processing.

<From SS2021, we are using following materials.>
・The fabric of the used clothes that are carefully washed and reborn one by one after being unseamed and disassembled
・Recycled material made from APPLE waste and used clothing
・Outsole made of 70% recycled rubber

*Conditions and materials used will vary by model.


Factories / 工場



・We use leathers and fabrics that are made in factories with ecological efforts, such as recycling leather waste, purifying the water used for processing, and installing solar power.
・Sneaker production factory is solar-powered and provides 30% of the electricity it consumes.


Functions / 機能





・Super light outsole reduces fatigue.
・Designed to be easily taken on and off as a slip-on once the laces have been set.
・They are made to be easy to wear so that you can enjoy them and use them for a long time.

<From SS2021, we are using following materials.>
・Functional materials with moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties are used for the lining/insole.

*Conditions and materials used will vary by model.



Shoe Boxes / シューズボックス


・FSC paper is used.